We love Ibiza, the multi-kultiness and awesome creativity it inspires.


Be a part of the IQ community.

Participate in Creative Workshops,

Literary Salons, Writing Groups,

Wordslams and Poetry Pop-ups.

Get creative writing, with images or simply appreciating.

Online and on island.

Earn IQ Nibs for every interaction.

Feel rewarded and get awarded.

Annual IQ Golden Nib Awards!



May to October seeking contributions to IQ, Vol 2 2019

Compilation Contest

Short stories (2,500 words)

Poems (less than 250 words)

Photographs (black and white)


Join Ibiza Quills and submission of TWO short stories, poems and images (or a mix thereof) is included in membership benefits! IQ reward system = Nibs for every participant in any of our actions from one liners to a full short story. Awards include memberships to the Poetry Society, Island IQ Goodie Baskets, oh and some cash!

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